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LAS: Leased Ad Space is Giving 100% Instant Commissions on the Sale traffic package

Leased Ad Space (LAS):

This is a service that is supposed to bring traffic to your website. You are able to use different ways of listing your opportunities using banner ads, text ads, single ads, and email.

How much does it cost?

If you wanted to join LAS, everyone started paying 7 bks to start. All fees are once and all payments can not be refunded.

If you are thinking about trying LAS, you either have to kiss your $ 7 goodbye or you will have the option of not giving any thanks.

If you want to pass through each level, the total amount of money you spend is $ 399.

To get a better understanding of what I mean, here are the levels.

Pearl Package = $ 7
Amethyst Package = $ 17
Emerald Package = $ 27
Sapphire Package = $ 47
Ruby package = $ 67
Diamond Package = $ 87
Red Diamond Package – $ 147

Total amount $ 399

You do not have to buy all the packages together, you can buy each package when ready.

Each package allows you to get different impressions for your banner, email and text ads that you want to display inside LAS.

Pearl Package: Banner ads 8,000 impressions, text ads 4,000, solo email 1 every 28 days, permanent text classified 1 Permanent text ad in our classified ad directory.

Amethyst package: 12,000 impressions for banner ads, text ads 6,000, solo email 1 every 14 days,
Permanent Text Classified 2 Permanent Text Ads in Our Classified Ads Directory

General Package: banner ads impressions of 20,000, text ads 14,000, solo email 1 every 9 days,
Permanent text classified 3 permanent text ad in our classified ad directory

Snuff package: 20,000 impressions of banner ads, text ads 14,000, solo email 1 every 9 days,
Permanent Text Classified 3 Permanent Text Ads in our Classified Ad Directory

Ruby Package: The effect of banner advertising is 28,000, text ads 18,000, solo email 1 every 5 days,
Permanent Text Classified 5 Permanent Text Ads in Our Classified Ads Directory

Diamond Package: 40,000 impressions of banner ads, text ads 20,000, solo email 1 every 4 days,
Permanent Text Classified 7 Permanent Text Ad in Our Classified Ads Directory

Red Diamond Package: Banner ads impressions 110,000 every month, Text ads 60,000 every month, Solo Email 1 every 48 hours, Permanent text categorized Our Classified Ads Directory Unlimited Standing Text Ads

If you compare the Pearl package with the Red Diamond package, you can see potential impressions if you eventually buy that red diamond package.

Just know that you have to buy each package to go to the Diamond package.

Let’s go to the matrix side of Leased Ad Spaces!

In addition to keeping your ads inside the LAS, you also get the chance to return your money or make profits by recruiting others in the LAS.
If you are a recruiting mogul then LAS offers an 8 x 7 matrix with the possibility of making one hundred million dollars.

To give you an example, show the money to you:

Pearl – 8 people $ 7 each = $ 56 (earn)
Amethyst – 64 people $ 17 each = $ 1,088 (earn)
Emerald – 512 people $ 27 each = $ 13,824 (earn)
Sapphire – 4096 People $ 47 each = $ 192,512 (earn)
Ruby – 32,768 people $ 67 each = $ 2,195,456 (earn)
Diamond – 262,144 people $ 87 each = $ 22,806,528 (earn)
Red Diamond – 2,097,152 people $ 147 each = $ 300,828,134 (earn)

Did you see how much money you can make in the Red Diamond package? With some big recruitment this is some big money.

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